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Resmi Al Kafaji

diywania (Iraq) 1945

Resmi Al Kafaji was born in Diywania a city in the south of Iraq. Resmi Al Kafaji earned a degree in art from the Institute of Fine Arts of Bagdad and studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Florence, Italy. During his long career participated in various exhibitions in Iraq until 1977 when he moved to Italy. His works are in the collection of C.A.O.S Museum Terni, Museum of contemporary art of Casoria, Casoria (CE)Italy, and Museum of Arts and Antiquities, Al Qadissiya University, Diywania Iraq, National gallery of Jordan- Amman, Museum, and Exhibition of Arab World Institute-Paris, and in private art collections in Italy, The Netherland, Switzerland, Great Britain, and Arabic countries.